Launch of Rice Noodles Buffet By Good View

August 31

Local media were invited to the Launch of Good View’s Rice Noodles Buffet.

From September 1 Launch of Rice Noodles Buffet By Good View – AT THE GOOD VIEW BAR & RESTAURANT RIMPING Rice Noodles Buffet! Lunch can enjoy an all-you-can-eat spicy sauce and fried vegetable buffet Main Dish Menu : Spicy Pork Sauce / Chicken Green Curry Sauce / Fish Or Chicken Red Curry Sauce /Fish and Anchovy Curry Sauce with Fish Ball /Fish and Coconut Milk in Red Curry Sauce / Fermented Fish Entrails Soup / Pork Stew > The price of sauce and salad bar buffet are 89 baht per person. >Open every day on 10.00 AM – 3.00 PM > Children height 100-140 cm. half price is 45 baht but children below eat for free > Can order delivery by GRAB,LINEMAN and FOODPANDA *** Rice Noodles Buffet By Good View , we open on 1st September //// Coffee Cafe with own grown coffee beans from 8am / buffet starts 10am – closes 3pm every day  – various coffees to choose from hot 35/40 baht or iced 45 baht. *** For more information or making a reservation, please call 099-271 0666 , 099-271 0555

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