Launch of Coffogenic Drink by Hillkoff

June 8

Launch of Coffogenic Drink by Hillkoff at Science & Technology Park (SteP) at Chiang Mai University
“Coffee is Super Fruit” When coffee was more than a black drink in a cup, today coffee is a health supplement that helps control LDL Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels.
NCDs (Non-communicable Diseases) chronic non-communicable disease or behavioral disease The disease that kills Thai people and people in the world the most. Statistics from the World Health Organization found that 74% of people die from NCDs, or 37 per hour, most of whom are patients of working age. who lives incorrectly have risky behaviors that lead to disease until death prematurely, such as obesity, abdominal disease, high blood pressure Stroke and heart Fatty liver disease, diabetes, etc. Coffogenic Drink. Developed from coffee fruit extract to meet the needs of preventing NCDs in the form of health supplements officially launched in Thailand as the first place in the world Along with the announcement of the new food registration, Novel Foods will begin distributing in 2023.
Dietary supplements that can prove the results of human testing. by research team and medical team, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University and 100% safe for consumption Thailand Risk Assessment Center It has been registered with the Ministry of Health. Hillkoff and the university that work together have already patented this research product.

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