Launch of Chiang Mai Pass at Melia Hotel

June 22

Local business people and media were invited to the launch of Chiang Mai Pass at Melia Hotel.
TAGTHAI (Greetings), the national travel platform, launches “Chiang Mai Pass”, the first pass in Chiang Mai under the concept of eating, traveling, complete in one card. TAGTHAI (Greetings), the national digital travel platform that collects travel services Presenting a form of travel experience in various dimensions. to meet various lifestyles without limits The style of modern travelers In response to tourism and digital lifestyle, the launch of “Chiang Mai Pass” is a city pass that meets the needs and facilitates tourists in the form of a combined pass. Tourist attractions or Multi-attraction City Pass hopes to create a new travel experience by collecting and connecting services. tourist attractions, restaurants and spas, as well as various shops from more than 60 entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai to strengthen the army and emphasize being a trading platform. main tourism of the country to drive tourism and help Thai entrepreneurs Mr. Kalin Sarasin, Honorary Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thai Digital Platform Social Enterprise Co., Ltd., co-founder of the TAGTHAI app, said, “From the success of TAGTHAI (greetings), a travel service platform that has Bangkok pass, Golf pass, ONESIAM pass in the past With more than 700,000 downloads of applications from both Thai and foreign tourists, it is clear that TAGTHAI (Greetings) is a platform that meets the needs. real tourists is therefore the origin of the launch “Chiang Mai Pass” a helper to facilitate the Travel seamlessly (Seamless) and contactless (Contactless) in the form of City Pass, eat, travel, complete in one card, where tourists can choose their favorite lifestyle. which are carefully selected by local people by yourself Therefore, you can be assured that you will receive good, convenient and worthwhile services from our business partners around the world.
Which TAGTHAi (Greetings) is a platform that was developed to drive the Thai tourism sector that is growing steadily, in 2023, revenue from tourism is expected to be at 2.4 trillion baht, coupled with the recent COVID-19 epidemic, most tourists pay attention to social distancing and reducing contact, causing It is believed that TAGTHAI (Greetings) will play an important role in stimulating tourism spending. Especially the new generation who are proficient in using digital platforms. to plan travel that meets the needs.
About TAGTHAI (Greetings) TAGTHA) (Greetings), a lifestyle travel platform that collects goods and services without limits. experience multidimensional tourism to meet the lifestyle of the new generation In response to tourism and living in a digital format, initiated and developed by Thai Digital Platform Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. with cooperation from Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), together with more than 20 leading public and private organizations in the country and supported by Advanced Info Service Plc., Dusit Thani Plc., Plc. Kasikorn Bank, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, True Corporation Public Company Limited, aiming for TAGTHAI (Greetings) to be a digital platform for Thailand’s national tourism (National Tourism Platform) that helps tourists. Chat plans a comprehensive trip to Thailand. Including a reservation system and the aircraft Aiming to boost the economy Helping Thai Entrepreneurs creating a lively atmosphere for Thai tourism and keep growing Starting from TAGTHAI Pass, a new type of travel, eat, travel, complete in one card (City Pass) that will facilitate worthwhile travel planning. and adapted to more individual needs. In which tourists can choose the type of TAGTHAI Pass according to their favorite travel lifestyle. which will consist of Travel services selected by locals Therefore, tourists can be confident that they will receive good service, convenience and value for money from purchasing a single card. Community way of different provinces in the form of City Pass starting from Bangkok Pass, Chiang Mai Pass and will extend to tourist cities such as Phuket, Pattaya and Ayutthaya, as well as other special services such as Golf Pass and One Siam Pass. too About TAGTHAI Chiang Mai Pass (Greeting Chiang Mai Pass) TAGTHAi Chiang Mai Pass (Greeting Chiang Mai Pass), a digital travel card that collects products and services of Chiang Mai Province in the form of a City Pass, which has more than 60 entrepreneurs participating in the app, covering both Attractions/Activities (tourist attractions, activities), Local Restaurant (food, drinks, cafes), Relax (relaxation services such as massage and spa) such as Lanna Kingdom, Ratchaphruek Park, Chiang Mai Night Safari, King Kong Smile Zipline, Maeping River Cruise, Masumi Spa, worth Khantoke, Graph, Shewe Vegan & Vegetarian, etc. You can see more information about TAMETHA : Website, Facebook, Instagram or download the TAGTHAI application.

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