Lanna Square’s Songkran Celebration

April 13

Lanna Square Songkran 2023 Celebration include April 13 from 4.30pm – 9pm Lanna Shows including Saomai Dance, Fon Klai Lai, Fon Klan Dok, King Ka La and To Dance, Umbrella Dance April 14 4.30pm – 9pm Lanna Shows including Fon Muang, Fon Wee, Fon Phang Prateep, King Ka La & Fire sword, Tipleela Lanna. April 15 4.30pm – 9pm Lanna Action: Sprinkle water onto a Bhuddha image, Dress up in Thai costume – take a photo for FREE! Lanna square – open every day during Songkran from 3pm until midnight is located right next to Zoe yellow bar along Ravithi road where the old carpark used to be . (walk into and past Zoe yellow bar area and you can see Lanna Square)

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