Jwlwi- The Seed at North Chiang Mai University

July 5

A private screening of film entitled “Jwlwi- The Seed,” written and directed by Ms Rajni Basumatary, at at the International Convention Center, North Chiang Mai University. Inspired by true stories, “Jwlwi-The Seed” tells the tales of families that break-up due to insurgency in the state of Assam in North-East India. Alaari’s idyllic life is shattered when her husband, Janak, is killed in cross firing between the Indian Army and rebel cadres on the 13th birthday of her son, Erak. Alaari’s life crumbles in front of her eyes as she sees her husband breath his last. Alaari copes with her husband’s death for over a decade. A new concern now haunts Alaari, in the form of Erak, who has just completed his college education at a time when the political climate is heating up with renewed efforts to rebel against the majoritarian state and as new reports of young Bodo youth joining the insurgency gain momentum, yet again. Their goal is to make a ‘sovereign state’ of Bodoland. Alaari’s first reaction is to panic. Could her impressionable lad fall under the influence of the rebels? Will he too feel that he can free the community from generations of oppression through the barrel of a gun? Alaari wanders into this dark tunnel yet again—this time it is to deter her son from taking up the gun and protect the last seed of her generation. Does she succeed? If she does then at what cost?. Trailer of “Jwlwi- The Seed” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew9hUrLigCA

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