Jetts 24 Hour Fitness Press Conference

February 17

Local media were invited on opening day to tour the facilities at Jetts 24 Hour Fitness at One Nimman. Jetts 24 Hour Fitness is the fastest growing chain in Thailand. Jetts 24 Hour Fitness has 1000 square meter aircon enviroment on the fourth floor at One Nimman. Classes include Body Combat, Zumba, Body Pump, Body Jam, Body Balance, Jazz City, Yoga etc etc. An opening offer to residents in Chiang Mai 1600 THB per month unlimited 24 hour access / if a person signs up for a year the fee is reduced to 1400 THB per month, there is no joining fee at the present time. Local residents can also try out the fitness centre for 3 consecutive days free of charge.  For further details call 082-516-4278 or check out their face book page Jetts 24 Hour One Nimman.

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