International Workshop at Payap University

May 19

An International Conference with thematic focus on Peace process, Fair Trade Social Enterprises and Public Policy was held to explore peace-building platforms in Thailand and Myanmar. The conference was organised by Payap University’s Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace (IRCP), the World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO Asia), and Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE). Key note speakers included; Dr. Ang Tun Thet Vice Chairman of the National Economic and Social Adversary Council in Myanmar, Dr. Kai Ostwald of University of British Columbia and Director of Centre for Southeast Asia Research, Dr. Mark Thamthai Former Director of (IRCP). Speakers in the conference segment focusing on Fair Trade and social enterprise included; WFTO Asia Board of Directors Chitra Bahadur KC and Johny Joseph, Gomer Padong of Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia, and Michael Meallem of Centre for Social Impact. Paralleling the conference was the Fair Trade Arts & Crafts Exhibition where beautiful Fair Trade handicrafts collection from WFTO Asia members was showcased, including WEAVE Fair Trade, Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade, Y.Development, and SOAP-n-SCENT.  

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