International Balloon Festival (Saturday)

March 3

Saturday at the International Balloon Festival 2018 at Army Cowboy Club Huay Tung Tao, with the highlight Tiger Drums with the Lanna Orchestra and Balloon Night Glow and Fireworks. Entertainment also included the Northgate Big Band, Splash Lanna Contemporary VS Flamenco Dance, and Cold Fusion. FINAL NIGHT Sunday 4 March 2018 Sunday night will include 6pm Musicolli Kids, 7pm Nora VS Tiger Drum, 7.30pm Gap The Voice 2 & The Boston Town, 8.30pm The Odd Gods, 9.30pm Lanna Orchestra & Tiger Drums Balloon Night Glow and Fireworks During the Festival plenty of food and drinks available from top hotels and restaurants. Tickets 300thb on the door or…

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