Indian Republic Day Celebrations

January 26

Consulate of India in Chiang Mai celebrated 73rd Republic Day of India rigorously following all COVID-19 protocols with a brief ceremony at the Consulate premises. Consul Krishna Chaitanya hoisted the National Flag of India and presented the Address by the President of India. He cited key statistics to highlight the socioeconomic progress made by India since becoming a Republic on 26 January 1950. He said that Life Expectancy has gone up from 32.1 years in 1950-51 to 69.7 in 2020-21; Infant Mortality Rate has come down from 180 in to 35.2; Death Rate has come down from 43.7 to 7.3; Total Fertility Rate has come down from 5.9 to 2; Literacy Rate has gone up from 9 % to 71.5 % for females and from 27 % to 84.4 % for the males; Sex Ratio of Population has improve from 946 to 1020. Adding that India’s contribution to World GDP has grown from 4.2 % in 1950 to 7.4 % in 2021, the Consul stated that before the British took over India’s contribution to the World GDP in the year 1700 was 24.4 % as compared to 2.9 % of Britain and by the British left India’s share had dwindled down to 4.2 % in while that of Britain had grown to 6.5 %. But the wheel is turning now as India’s share in World GDP has grown in 2021 to 7.4 % while that of Britain has come down to 2.3 %.

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