Indian Community Donation to the Laos Flood Victims

July 30

The Indian Consul Shirish Jain on behalf of the Chiang Mai Indian Community donated goods to the Royal Thai Army to be sent to the victims of the Laos flood disaster in Attapeu Province and Chapasak Province.  Veena Parveena Singh; 2nd runner up Miss Universe Thailand 2018 was guest of honour at the donation ceremony. EVERYONE CAN DONATE TO THE LAOS FLOOD VICTIMS – Residents of Chiang Mai are invited to donate goods such as blankets, clothes, water, food etc to the Royal Thai Army at Thapae Gate daily until 2 August 2018 between 10am and 7pm. The Royal Thai Army will then send the goods every day to Attapeu Province and Chapasak Province in Laos.

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