Indian Book Launch at Wichai Wittaya School

January 13

Ambassador of India to Thailand H.E. Mr Nagesh Singh released two set of popular books for children from India translated into Thai language at the Children Day/International Day event at Wichai Wittaya School, Chiangmai. The first one titled “Ten Little Fingers” by Arvind Gupta, an IIT alumnus, is being published in three parts based on the level of difficulty of activities. It is a collation of innovative toys and science activities that the author has tried and tested in more than one thousand schools over the past twenty years. Each activity is clearly depicted with detailed illustrations and can be done with throwaway things found at home without any need for special or expensive equipment. The book aims at teaching students the importance and relevance of science in everyday life. This book was published in English by India’s National Book Trust, which is renowned for publishing good quality books, in 2001 and since then have been reprinted in 2007. The book is being published This book would be useful in inculcating a scientific approach among young Thai children and help them in becoming good global citizens who would be rational in their outlook. The second set comprises five comic book series for children i.e. Monkey stories, elephant stories, jackal stories, true friends and priceless gems into Thai which are based from Jatakas, which are an important part of Buddhist art and literature. They describe the previous existences or births of the Buddha (the Enlightened One) when he appeared as Bodhisattvas (beings who are yet to attain enlightenment or moksha), in both human and non-human forms. These stories describe how practicing different perfections or transcendental virtues (which are usually termed paramitas) are key to Buddhist approaches for attaining enlightenment (moksha) or the release from samsara, the endless cycle of rebirth. Stories from Jataka Tales are a treasure house of wisdom and teach valuable life lessons. Most of these stories are a part of Indian tradition and culture and have been handed down from generation to generation in the form of verbal storytelling. These stories talk about almost every aspect of life.

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