Imagine From The Hmong’s Fable II

June 21

The exhibition “Imagine from the Hmong’s fable II” organised by Piyachat Udomsri, Doctor Degree of Fine Arts Programme in Art and Design, proposes three Hmong folktales. Piyachat stated that indigenous folktales have decreasingly disappeared from the new Hmong generation due to emerging current technologies; therefore, she aims to resurrect them by also presenting their exquisite cultures and ways of life through these three folktales so that the Hmongs can probably appreciate their cultural heritage. In the exhibition, there are sculptures of characters made of natural materials such as husk, rice husk ash, coconut dust, dried corn husk, and corncobs. Her ideas are to create the physical appearance and sculptures obtained from paintings and drawings of school students, plus her own imaginations. The exhibition will be held from June 19 to June 30 (Closed on Mondays) 9am – 5pm at CMU Art Centre.

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