IBM 1401 Dress Rehearsal

December 15

IBM 1401 — Contemporary Dance Performance: The show opens for 5 rounds at Jing Jai Warehouse. 21-25 December 2022. 7pm each evening. Directed by: Prapassorn Khonmuang Actors: Sawasawat Tatip and Piangrawee Sirisuk Instrumental: Lanyim String Ensemble IBM 1401 — Contemporary Dance Performance brings everyone on an exploration of the complexity of relationships. Through music by Jóhann Jóhannsson, it combines strings and synthesizers from the IBM 1401 — business computer. That came to change the world of large manufacturing industry in the 60s, quickly entered a new chapter and never looked back. By extracting the notes from the electromagnetic recording of the IBM 1401 system failure. Glom Immersive Theater, in collaboration with Lanyim Theatre, presented the song from the album IBM 1401 A user’s manual (2006) by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. Come back again in 2022 with a string ensemble from the Lanyim String Ensemble. Uncover the complex relationship between humans and machines. At a time when we were still alienated from each other, through the state of work and family. that overlap until they cannot be separated from each other takes us into observing human relationships which has been invaded by technology that plays a huge role more so than the 1959 story. Ticket Price : Adult 500 Baht | Student 100 Baht Purchase The Ticket >> Call : 062-737-4049 Online : Glom Immersive Theater X Lanyim Theatre #lanyimtheatre #chiangmai #CNX #IBM1401 #performance

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