Hong Kong Trade Briefing at Shangri La Hotel

February 15

Thai Travel Service Club, Northern Region joins hands with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to organize Hello Hong Kong Trade Briefing, opening a new tourist attraction. To please Thai people, eat and shop at 11:30 a.m. on February 15, 2024 at the Sukhothai Room, Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai. Thai Travel Services Club, Northern Chapter (TTAA Northern Chapter) together with the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) organized the event ‘Hello Hong Kong Trade Briefing’ to update Hong Kong information. New tourist attractions along with listening to various special offers From the Hong Kong Tourism Board Together with the main airlines that serve the route Chiang Mai-Hong Kong, 2 airlines, Thai AirAsia (FD) and Hong Kong Express Airlines (UO), by Mrs. Kanchaka Sawanich, president of the Thai Travel Services Club, Northern Chapter (TTAA Northern Chapter), said that it is considered the opening of Hong Kong. Exchange information and create information to promote tourism and Hong Kong marketing In the past, it was considered a destination that Thai people very popularly traveled to for tourism. Because it is famous for its delicious food, both Michelin star level and street food. good shopping There are a variety of tourist attractions on the Sai Mai side, such as Che Kung Temple, which has a lucky propeller that is sought after by people. Including a world-class theme park, Hong Kong Disneyland. and Ocean Park It is suitable for conference tourism or MICE and there are currently two airlines from Chiang Mai to Hong Kong. It takes only 2 hours, Mr. Poj Sakontalak, Trade Marketing Manager. The Hong Kong Tourism Board revealed that after the COVID-19 situation passed, Hong Kong began opening up the city last year. It is popular with Thais and Southeast Asians, a total of 6 countries, totaling more than 2.1 million people. Thailand in particular had quite good numbers in January. Direct flight routes from the northern region have been opened. and will definitely expand to the Northeast and the region. ‚ÄúTravel has returned to 70% of pre-COVID levels. And Thai people themselves are quite suspicious. Growing by leaps and bounds in December It can be said that Thai people have never traveled this high before, or plus 79%. and many famous artists visited Hong Kong. It is considered part of creating a trend. We are now launching the Hello Hong Kong campaign. Come back to welcome tourists from Thailand. With the opening of a new tourist attraction in West Kowloon. In the area of asking about the sea and new buildings to recommend, including M +, a contemporary art venue with more than 33 galleries, beautiful and modern, suitable for photography. Museum Parade which the Chinese government created a new one as a gift. The highlight is the masterpiece art. The atmosphere feeds you, a resting spot, and a family tent. to admire nature and beautiful buildings.” In addition, Mr. Poj said that The theme park that opened a new zone is Hong Kong Disneyland. A military performance trip was organized. A new, larger castle New territories were opened under the name Offshore or ice displays that even the United States doesn’t have. and in Ocean Park A new water park called Water World There is also a tram to admire the beauty of the country. and a chic flea market suitable for shopping for new products. “Hong Kong is considered the main center of southern China. that can travel links to Guangzhou In just 50 minutes by High Speed bus, travel across the bridge to Macau. Saving costs and shortening travel time. And now we have the Temple Street Food Festival running until the 5th – Semester 2024, which is worth visiting,” Mr. Poj said. During the press conference, the main airlines that serve the route were presented. Chiang Mai-Hong Kong 2 flights, namely Thai AirAsia (FD), 7 flights per week from the main airport, Chiang Mai-Hong Kong every day, Phuket-Hong Kong every day and Bangkok-Hong Kong. many flights And Hong Kong Express Airlines (UO) has seven direct flights a week from the main airport.

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