Green Food Festival at Long Him Khao Community

December 5

Green Food Festival at Long Him Khao Community; a two day festival (4 & 5 December 2022) reclaiming green spaces with food tables.
To encourage restaurants that work hard to select safe ingredients for consumers, the project has organized a ceremony to award the Green Kitchen logo to restaurants that pass the standard. Along with taking this opportunity to organize the Green Your Food festival as a platform for people working in the organic food business, and green business related to food come together to share knowledge, ideas through a forum, creating a network to drive the addition of green space to the food dishes of Chiang Mai consumers. From working for a long time to make the word “Chiang Mai, the city of safe food” is gradually becoming a concrete reality. And all of this must come from the growers, the producers, the eaters in Chiang Mai, who agree that we will continue to deliver safe food that is rich with nutrition for future generations. It’s better than consuming toxin-filled vegetables every day, which is like a “death in installment”

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