Grand Opening Jurassic at Night Safari

October 25

Grand Opening of Jurassic at Chiang Mai Night Safari. Chiang Mai Night Safari Office, The Pinkanakorn Development Office (Public Organization) launched the virtual world travel activity “Jurassic Night Safari” to create color and stimulate Tourism of Chiang Mai Night Safari, with Ms Thitirat Tawanwong, Deputy Director of the Pinkanakorn Development Office, and Director of the Chiang Mai Night Safari Office. Ms. Thitirat Tawanwong revealed that “Jurassic e right safari activity is a new activity that Chiang Mai Night Safari organized to create an environment with a new visualization of the real world and the world; virtual together where physical and digital objects co-exist, interacting with each other, including various dinosaur species, in three dimensions (3D), all appearing in a bus that creates the environment. It’s like the habitat of no less than 10 types of dinosaurs in the Jurassic era, AR glasses, XR glasses, and applications. that can participate, such as seeing animals, letting dinosaurs roar or feeding more than 15 types of dinosaurs And because the activity “Jurassic Night Safari” is a new activity. To prepare to support tourists as efficiently as possible Chiang Mai Night Safari will be open for free during October 2023 – January 2024 and the first period of service will be open for groups of students who are interested in visiting. Activities of 10 people or more (advance booking only) in order to test and prepare for service during next year. For more information, please contact Chiang Mai Night Safari Tel. 053 – 999000, Live : nightsafarl, Facebook : Chiang Mai Night Safari Chiang Mai Night Safari

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