The Good View All Day Restaurant Soft Opening

May 28

Local media were invited to the launch of the Good View All Day Restaurant, in front of Good View Village Mae Hia. Open every day from 8am until 10pm. For reservations call 053-904-406.

Breakfasts include Egg Benedict with Waffle 120thb / Fried Eggs served with sausages & Deep Fried Pork 120thb / Boiled Rice with Snapper 95thb. Western Main Courses include Spaghetti with ham & cheese 120thb / Baked New Zealand Mussels with Cheese 220thb /BBQ Ribs 350thb / Steak with Pepper Sauce (imported Beef) 350thb / Spaghetti Cream Salmon 210thb / Sausage Medley 240thb. Thai dishes include Deep Fried Pork Knuckle 240thb / Thai Fish Cakes 175thb / Deep Fried Sun-Dried Beef 175thb / Deep Fried Prawn Crepes 155thb / Deep Fried Turmeric Chicken Wings 120thb / Stir Fried Clams with Chili Paste 180thb ALL PRICES INCLUDE V.A.T.

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