Ginorella’s Chef table at Sireeampan Boutique Resort

December 16

Local media were invited to Ginorella’s Chef table (by Chef Gino) at Sireeampan Boutique Resort – reservation only. Maximum 12 guests per evening, with a choice of table for 2 or 4, up to a table of 12. Menu for December and January is an eight course dinner entitled “Episode 1 Memoire from MasterChef”, which can be change to suit the diner’s palette. Welcome Drink. Amuse Bouche (Prawn / Truffle / Crab) / The Audition: Prawn (Peri Peri Prawn + Caesar Salad) / Mystery Box: Salmon (Salmon + Phuket Chili Paste) / Invention Test: Home Cuisine (Phuket Hokkien Mee) / Top 3 Best Dishes: Chicken (Chicken Lollypop + Rawaeng Curry) / Refresher (Cucumber, Lime, Ginger) / Winning Dish: Beef (Beef Stroganoff + Truffle Barley Risotto) / Palette Cleanser (Champagne Rose Jelly) / MasterChef Australia Winning Dessert (Golden Snitch). 2000 THB net per person. Corkage charge 300 THB. To check dates available or call 053-327-777. Chef Gino, from MasterChef Thailand Reality TV Show, is passionate about every aspect of his cooking, from the ingredients to the presentation of every dish. He opened the Sireeampan Boutique Resort in 2013, and put his heart and soul into the project, which has already won several top awards. On 11 November 2021 it was rebranded to the Sireeampan Luxury Retreat. It is located just off the Canal Road, (the same location where Zest Italian restaurant used to be. The next project will be opening the Parc Borough City Resort ‘Rooftop Bar” on 20 December 2021 – with the theme ‘Glamping in the Sky’ – picnic & bbq for reservations 053 284 100.

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