German Embassy Officials Visit Hillkoff

March 2

On March 2, 2022, a team from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany led by Dr. Bernd Christiansen, (Counselor for Food and Agriculture Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany), Mr. Fernando Rampa-Christiansen(Partner of Dr. Bernd Christiansen). , Mr. Rujipas Pornkuntham(Rujipas Pornthumtan) Food and Agricultural Officer Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mrs. Katharina Staske (Managing Director German Agricultural Society (DLG)), Ms. Ratti Veerawong (Rati Veerawong) Project Coordinator German Agricultural Society (DLG) visited Hillkoff Coffee Comprehensive Learning Center, Hillkoff Co., Ltd. (Tap Duea Center) by Mr. Narumon Thaksa-udom, Managing Director of Hillkoff Co., Ltd. welcomed and gave Company management information Ready to take a walk to visit the factory During this visit, there was a discussion and exchange of knowledge and understanding in sustainable food and agriculture business that Hillkoff Co., Ltd. uses as a model and goals for the company’s operations. They also deliver knowledge and understanding through this learning center.

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