Gender Fluid Open Studio at Studio 88 Artist Residency

June 7

Gender Fluid Open Studio at Studio 88 Artist Residency, Doi Saket

This event marks the culmination of a thought-provoking residency, showcasing the creative journeys and achievements of six talented international artists exploring the theme “Gender Fluid: Evolving Identities.” Through their diverse works, these artists invite you to delve into the complexities of gender, identity, and self-expression.

Rachel Chapman presents a mesmerizing video installation that abstracts water reflections to symbolize the non-linear, evolving nature of gender. Jonathan Armour’s project, “Invocation,” uses AI and augmented reality to reflect on the hybrid nature of human identity in a digital age and collaboratively develops a performance piece with Golf Thanupon Yindee. The collaborative duo text by texture (Liyoun Kim and Sono Kim) offers “Unfinished Ghosts,” a poignant exploration of the cultural and ethical dimensions of ghostly presences and unresolved sorrow, known as ‘Han,’ within queer experiences. Nancy Lu Rosenheim introduces fictional characters inspired by Thai hybrid entities, merging traditional art and pop culture to explore the collective psyche.

The evening featured artists’ talks and sharing sessions, providing insights into their creative processes and inspirations. Performances will bring their works to life, fostering a deeper understanding and dialogue on how gender is perceived, experienced, and expressed in contemporary society.

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