Gate Theater Presents Starry Messenger

February 12

Gate Theater Presents Starry Messenger by Ira Hauptman showing February 15 (Thursday) -18 (Sunday) at 7:00pm each night and a matinee performance on Sunday at 2:00pm at KAD Studio Theatre, 7th floor, Kad Suan Kaew.  Tickets available online at or at the information desk, 1st floor, Kad Suan Kaew.  TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR This play is a modern retelling of Galileo’s resistance and ultimate recantation to the Inquisition over his support of the Copernican theory of the earth’s rotation. Notions of science, faith, demons, madness and self-sacrifice are raised and overturned. As Cardinals Borgia and Zacchia negotiate with Galileo over his recantation, we are also afforded a look at the process of reconciling new science with the power structure, a struggle that continues even today.  Join us on opening night, February 15 for Galileo Galilei’s 454th birthday!  Saturday performance includes an audience TalkBack with the actors and director with a light reception to follow.  Catering by Pern’s Restaurant. *Pictures taken at the Dress Rehearsal 12 February

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