Fringe Teaser Show at Kad Studio Theater

October 23

Fringe Teaser Show and Gallery Opening at Kad Studio Theater. The Fringe Festival will take place from October 24- 27 – further details below: Chiang Mai’s first annual Fringe Festival The EXIT Theatre of San Francisco along with The Gate Theater Group of Chiang Mai for the Performing Arts at the KAD Studio Theatre Kad Suan Kaew. October 24 at 1pm Steve Mellow ‘Readers Theater’ / 2.30pm Polly Szantor ‘Marcie’ / 4pm Airdance ‘Opus Series’ / 5.15pm Sarah Snead ‘The Puzzle’ / 5.50pm Cresent Moon Theater ‘Parallel (Between the Lines)’ / 7.10pm Don Linder ‘Cancer’ / 8.20pm Scott Wings ‘Whiplash’ //October 25 at 12 noon Chiang Mai International School / David Ives ‘Three One-Act Plays’ / 1.30pm Airdance ‘Opus Series’ / 2.40pm Dan Hayes & Barrak Alzard ‘Daddy Issues’ / 4pm Cresent Moon Theater ‘Parallel (Between the Lines)’ / 5.15pm Christy Inshulsen ‘Flower Power’ / 6.30pm Sarin Suriyakoon ‘An Evening of Telepathy’ / 8pm Quest Quest ‘Interactive & Theatrical Role Playing Performance’ October 26 at 12 noon Sarin Suriyakoon ‘An Evening of Telepathy’ / 1.10pm Christy Inshulsen ‘Flower Power’ / 2.20pm Scott Wings ‘Whiplash’ / 4pm Polly Szantor ‘Marcie’ / 5.30pm Mohamed A. Ali ‘Yes My Name is Mohamad Ali: Let me tell you a true story’ /7pm Don Linder ‘Cancer’ / 8.20pm Mind into Matter Improv Comedy Show / 12.30pm Mark Anthony ‘An oral interpretation of Good Omens’ / 1pm Kiana Cook ‘A Worthy Production (dance)’ 1.45pm Steve Mellow ‘Readers Theater’ / 3.15pm Teatro de Letran ‘The Real State of the Philippines in the Present’ / 4.45pm Dan Hayes & Barrak Alzard ‘Daddy Issues’ / Kenda Rae ‘Back to Me’. For prices of tickets and further details about the festival check out:

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