Fish Fest at Good View All Day

April 30

Local media were invited to the launch of the new Fish Fest at Good View All Day, at Good View Village Mae Hia.  The Fish Fest will last from 1 May until 30 June 2019. Every table gets a discount coupon for 100thb. Examples from the new fish  menu are Salmon Steak 350thb (250thb with discount) / Sea Bass with chili sauce 230thb (130thb with discount) / Tuna slices 300thb (200thb with discount) plus other choices. Also during the promotion the Good View Village has a promotion ‘Order a whole Sea Bass and get a Ruby Snapper FREE’. Good View All Day is open from 10am until 10pm. For reservations 053-904406-8 or 095-13459129 or check out their website

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