Fah Lanna Spa’s Kadmuakuaboon

May 2

Fah Lanna Spa is organizing weekly food distributions on Saturdays and Sundays through their charity initiative “Kadmuakuaboon”, which was created by Fah Lanna Spa and friends. Fah Lanna Spa and their friends organise regular charity fundraisers outside of Fah Lanna Spa branch in the Old City, such as second hand markets with clothes, books and other goods. They also receive many private donations these days to support the food distribution for people affected by Covid-19.
Kadmuakuaboon is able to distribute 100 supply bags with dry food such as 5 kg rice, noodles and household supplies and toiletries each Saturday and 100 bags with several cooked meals, fresh fruits, drinks and snacks on Sundays. Past charity initiatives included donations for victims of floods, construction of new classroom and the installation of a playground at remote mountain village schools, donations to hospitals etc.
Recipients of the weekly food distribution have to register through Official Line account @kuaboon to ensure a limited number of people congregate outside of the Spa to receive the food. This way the organizers can limit the number of people gathering, as well as communicate when registration is full and closed to avoid people cueing up unnecessarily. Social distancing measures are strict and each person has to show their registration, disinfect their hands with alcohol gel and have their temperature checked before picking up the goods.
If you are interested to help, please send a message to Official Line @kuaboon or send an email to [email protected] or call Mr. Sun 0896950802. You can also follow the charity Initiative Facebook page www.facebook.com/kadmuakuaboon to keep up to date about their events or send a message through Facebook.
To make a donation through Thai Bank account:
Kasikorn Bank
Moon Muang Road Branch Chiang Mai
Account number 0221170482
Account holder name:
Ms. Junnapa Srichandr and Miss Nongluck Chaikat and Mr. Seksun Suttha

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