Evo Enduro Luxury Caravan at Tulou Restaurant.

December 15

Evo Enduro Luxury Caravan 2022 at Tulou Restaurant. Play AB AA Caravan from Malaysia Travel Thailand 13 days 12 nights Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) by ASEAN region South Asia and the South Pacific, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Office Malaysia and Evo Enduro Malaysia Luxury Caravan organized travel activities. Travel to Thailand for 13 days and 12 nights between 12-23 December 2020 with the objective of Publicize, support and promote Thailand as a market tourism destination. Malaysian tourists as well as creating awareness of Thailand’s readiness to be An attraction for people who love to travel by car. and have high spending Ms. Sukanya Sirikanchanakul, Regional Director, ASEAN South Asia and the South Pacific, said that since the opening of the country in July 2025, more and more foreign tourists have arrived. Come to travel to Thailand more and more respectively. Especially tourists from Malaysia who travel to Thailand is number one Because it is a country that borders Thailand. Getting in-on It’s convenient and doesn’t take long to travel. Tourists can travel to Thailand by land, sea and air checkpoints. From January to early December 2012, about 1.7 million Malaysian tourists have traveled to Thailand, followed by 2/2 tourists from India. Cambodia and Singapore respectively. Ms. Suladda Srutilawan, Office Director Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Mai office added that, as the host of the TAT Chiang Mai Office, he welcomed the Eve Endures Luxury Ceram caravan that traveled to Thailand for 13 days and 12 nights and would spend time staying and traveling in the area. Chiang Mai, 3 days Malaysian tourist market is a short-term market that can travel to the area. Chiang Mai Province, both by air and by land Currently, there are direct flights linking Kuala Lumpur – Chiang Mai, weekly flights. By car can travel in easily. The Evo Enduro Luxury Caravan 2022 activity has released the Evo Enduro 2022 Flag Off tourist caravan parade at Sadao Checkpoint on December 12, 2022 at MBI Lan Dan Nok, Sadao District, Songkhla Province. After that, travel along the route Prachuap Khiri Khan – Nakhon Sawan and arrive in Chiang Mai on December 15, 2022, the number of vehicles that travel to Chiang Mai 31 cars, including 120 people traveling together, then travel to Mae Hong Son Province and Chiang Rai Province and will return on December 23, 2022, taking a total of 13 days of travel. Distance 5,062 kilometers

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