Evergreen Dev Anand Remembered at Indian Consulate

September 23

Consulate of India held an informal get-together themed ‘Gaata Rahe Mera Dil’ to launch the celebration of the birth centenary of Hindi Cinema’s iconic actor, director, producer and writer Dev Anand whose seven iconic films are being re-released simultaneously in 30 cities of India on this occasion. The event began with a superb rendition of an iconic song ‘Hai Apna Dil to Awara’ by two students of Bharatvidya Division of Chiang Mai University. Swan Bay conducted a Dev Anand Trivia to reflect on his rich filmography. Parth Patel, Ahmad, Bhaven Mehta and Shyam Arora sang a number of songs filmed on Dev Anand. Swan Bay too joined them, singing, for the first time in his singing career, a Hindi song. Earlier, Consul Krishna Chaitanya stated that Dev Anand’s film career coincided with the journey of the newly independent India, and reflected the dreams, aspirations, struggles, joys and achievements of the people of free India. He also talked about the autobiography of Dev Anand titled ‘Romancing with Life’ and added that his film were far ahead of his time and also addressed the ills facing the society and the world. The Consulate will soon hold a festival of his films.
In the end, a cake was duly cut by Shyam Arora and Swan Bay and shared by the gathering in advance celebration of the duo’s birthday.

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