Élysée Treaty Reception at Alliance Francaise

February 4

The German and French Honorary Consuls held a reception at the Alliance Francaise for the 60th Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty.
To mark this occasion there was the Launch of Revolution Films by Marco Wilms. The first film shown was Comrade Couture with a Q & A afterwards. The Movie is an ARTE-production and will be introduced from the Director Marco Wilms.NYU wrote: “The documentary on East Germany’s vibrant underground fashion scene of the 1980s, reminiscent of New York’s in the 1960s. Former East German model Wilms gathered lively archival footage of the period—some shot clandestinely—and intersperses it with interviews of former East German colleagues who have adapted, each in his or her own particular manner, to being “free” in a reunified Germany.
The series will continue with
February 10 at 8pm Art War, by Marco Wilm + Q&A with the director Entrance fee : “ART WAR is a breathtaking, sensual story about the connection between ancient art from the age of the Pharaohs and modern Egyptian graffiti art and how it can still be used as a weapon with explosive political force today.
February 11 at 4pm Berlin Vortex + Q&A – The movie focuses on 5 young help yourself Germans, who begin their journey by taking over the unoccupied ruins of buildings in the Mitte district of Berlin – duration 80 minutes.
February 11 at 6.30pm – Comrade Couture (repetition) A journey into the wild parallel world of the fashionistas and Bohemians of East Berlin during the 80’s – duration 82 minutes.
February 17 at 8pm – Metal Politics Taiwan + Q&A – the film accompanies the unique Taiwanese rock star Politian Freddy Lim for an entire year through the world. We meet the Dalai Lama and US President Donald Trump – duration 88 minutes.
February 18 at 4pm – Tailor Made Dreams (family movie program ) + Q&A – an extraordinary Indian ‘made to order’ tailor makes an adventure trip to Europe where he hopes to secure new commissions from his former customers and realize his dream to become a Movie Star -duration 87 minutes.
February 18 at 6.30pm – Naam Djai – The River of the Heart + Q&A – Marco Wilms first long film, and first film in Thailand – A young German searches for his Thai lover Ee in the sea of light enveloping the monstrosity Bangkok. duration 60 minutes.
Entrance fees for each movie is 150 THB. For more info: [email protected]

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