Elephant Parade Opens at Maya Lifestyle Mall

December 9

Local media were invited to a press conference for the Elephant Parade at Maya Lifestyle Mall. Elephant Parade Chiang Mai will happen from Dec 9 – Jan 15. Elephant Parade raises awareness and funds for elephant conservation and started out of Chiang Mai 10 years ago. Mike Spits, Elephant Parade co-founder explained ‘To commemorate the 89 years of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s reign, 89 life size baby elephant sculptures, decorated by artists and celebrities from Thailand and around the world will be presented at different locations throughout Chiang Mai. For latest news on Elephant Parade visit Facebook: Elephant Parade’ Elephant Parade Land, which is where the hand decorated elephant replica’s are build, has opened to the public just this month and one can visit the site. Here, you can watch artists paint the replica elephants and you’ll find a fantastic museum showcasing 10 years of Elephant Parade around the world. You’ll also learn in a fun way much about Asian elephants! Additionally, you can participate in elephant painting workshops. Money raised from the Elephant Parade helps save the Asian elephant; Soraida Salwala Founder of Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital attended the press conference. Elephant Parade shop is on the basement floor of Maya Lifestyle Mall

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