Duke’s Buffet at Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre.

January 28

Local media were invited to sample the Duke’s Buffet at Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre. Extend deliciousness throughout January 2022 with The Duke’s Buffet on the 4th floor, The Duke’s MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center. — Good news for buffet lovers when The Duke’s has delivered a delicious taste of American style in buffet style. Let us continue to enjoy each other every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout January 2022 at The Duke’s, 4th floor, MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center. Full and satisfying for 1 hour and 45 minutes at the price of 495 baht/person with the highlights of The Duke’s, such as BBQ pork ribs, smoked beef and pork, nachos bar, various pizza toppings, salad bar, and pass. You can choose noodles and sauce as you like. Add the army with grilled chicken with Korean sauce. Teriyaki Salmon various bakery assorted flavors of ice cream and more than 20 fresh delicious dishes that are fully prepared If you like any menu, you can get up and lap again to your heart’s content. Will invite friends and family to enjoy a delicious meal during the holidays. Or reward yourself with a good meal, The Duke’s Buffet can always heal and cheer you on! . The Duke’s Buffet 495 baht/person, can eat for 1 hour 45 minutes Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11.30 – 19.00 At The Duke’s, MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center branch, 4th floor (Accepting walk in customers only).

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