Dress Reheasal of The Amen Corner

December 19

Dress Reheasal of The Amen Corner by the Gate Theater Group at Kad Studio Theater… December 20 – 23 The Gate Theater Group presents The Amen Corner by James Baldwin.  December 20, 21, 22 at 7:00pm, December 23 at 2:00 pm.  Kad Studio Theater, 7th floor, Kad Suan Kaew.  Tickets from 300thb – 400thb. Tickets available at the door, or online through the website at www.gate-theater.com This gripping drama addresses themes of religion, love, and poverty. Author, James Baldwin takes us on a journey into the complex relationships forged by religion and love. From her first sermon, Margaret’s faith is obviously centered more on judgment than mercy. She has centered her life around the pastorship of a small church in Harlem. When she declares movies, drinking, jazz, and even comic strips in the daily papers as morally unacceptable, her narrow, brittle barricades leave little space left for those around her to breathe. During the course of the play, we learn of the deep-set loss and fear that drives her to first take refuge in a set of scriptures, and then build a dictatorship that pushes people away. Will the hypocrites wind up in charge of the church? In a sense, the question is beside the point. In Baldwin’s tragedy, the spiritual leader’s fall is all but preordained. Why? Long ago, the very heart of faith and love was replaced by something else. As Sister Margaret struggles to preserve the stability she’s built, her faith is tested to the point of excruciation. Until saying “amen,” which means “so be it,” becomes harder and harder for her to do. https://www.facebook.com/TheGateTheater/

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