Dress Rehearsal of Transistor by Dark Horse

January 17

Dress Rehearsal of Transistor by Dark Horse Theatre at Suan Chang Puak – (google map is on the link below / it is close to Rajabhat University)
January 18 – 21 Transistor by Dark Horse at Suan Chang Puak – (Thursday 19 January Sold Out ) After three years stuck in the stable, Dark Horse Theatre rides again- yeeeeaaaah! Our latest production ‘Transistor’ is a bitter-sweet, dark comedy revolving around the dysfunctional Isaac family. What to expect? A mixed bag of emotions; it might make you snort your drink out your nose with laughter. It could wedge a lump in your throat. It may possibly cause a few goosebumps to appear. Who knows? What is certain is that you’ll be contemplating the characters long after you leave, quietly pondering if some secrets really are better off buried…. Don’t be one of the silly billies who missed out on tickets for our three previous sell-out productions! Buy tickets early to avoid disappointment. Strong language and adult themes throughout- parental advisory 14+ https://forms.gle/dKJK4PyggGxe7aCy9

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