Dr. Zulia Frost at Recharge

January 25

Meet Dr. Zulia Frost Open House at Recharge. Recharge opened its doors to the local community to hear Dr. Zulia talk about energy medicine, answer  questions, and give a demonstration with their revolutionary energy healing device, the FlexBeam and more. Dr Zulia presented the principles of Red Light Therapy and its potential benefits: – Relaxation – Sleep – Pain – Healing of injuries – Helping with period pain and more… Dr. Zulia is a leading clinician renowned world-wide for her use and research of bioresonance neurostim therapies, light therapy (photobiomodulation) and other energy based treatments. A Doctor of General Medicine and Pediatrics with post-graduate training in ultrasonic diagnostics and radiology, Zulia is also a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncturist. She co-founded what is currently InterX Technologies in the US and she runs an exclusive clinic in England. Zulia runs a clinic treating patients in the UK and a training centre for therapists in the field of pain management, rehabilitation and energy medicine. She facilitates clinical and scientific research, liaising with universities, rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and sports establishments across the UK and Europe. She is a founding member of the Recharge team. To learn more visit personalrecharge.com

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