Digital Nomad Visa Press Conference at Chiang Mai & Co

December 3

Digital Nomad Visa Press Conference at Chiang Mai & Co, hosted alongside with Chiang Mai Entrepreneurship Association. Lily Bruns and Brittnee Bond from Chiang Mai Entrepreneurship Association and Aj. Champ from Chiang Mai University Faculty of Economics and Chiang MICE announce the results of the economic impact of Digital nomads in Chiang Mai. The Purpose was 1. To provide data to government bodies and others creating policies and programs relevant to “digital nomads.”  2. To advocate for a sensible visa solution so that digital nomads can legally live and work in Thailand. 3. To encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration for the benefit of startups and other businesses in Chiang Mai. They held a Survey Period from to 28 August 2019 – 30 Nov 2019: Self selected respondents: total of 372 responses, 45 questions, with sections on: a. Personal Information (Demographic) b. Living in Chiang Mai (Movement Patterns) c. Spending, Housing & Travel d. Visas and Visa Spending e.  Bonus: Feedback on SMART Visa Further details and results can be found on

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