Coffee Mania #5 at Ancient House

December 1

Opening day of Coffee Mania #5 at Ancient House on Charoen Prathet Road; from 1-5 December 2023, every day from 09.00-19.00 hrs. At the Chiang Mai Ancient House Project COFFEE MANIA is an annual event of the ancient house project which will be held every year, 2 times a year, at the beginning of the year, around February and December, to welcome the cold breeze. And it is an event that all coffee lovers have been waiting for. which aims to promote tourism Create an image and create awareness to move towards Chiang Mai, the coffee city, and also support and promote the northern coffee industry to grow and be sustainable. We have come to the 5th time with the concept of “Coffee Harvest Season”. The coffee harvest season has returned once again. This time we will take everyone to the coffee harvest season. Tasting new batches of produce that are gradually coming out to join the operators of over 30 leading coffee brand brands in Chiang Mai, such as • Big Body Coffee • Gen coffee roaster • ศุข66 A Blissful-adj • Pao & Pond Homemade Baking • Pimm’s cup : Roastory Lab • ThongPrapai • Moka gallery 114 • La oulemon • Fernpresso Specialty Coffee & Roasters • Maled Coffee Roasters • Third Place Coffee – Chiang Mai • Drip Yen • Miss Tao-noi • Chéri Stroopwafels • Rei coffee roaster • Bearista Slow Bar Cafe’ • Refine Coffee Roaster • KAO Coffee Roaster จำหน่ายเมล็ดกาแฟอาราบิก้า100% ปลีก-ส่ง • Maci แมคคาเดเมีย อบกรอบ หลากหลายรสชาติ • Cottontree Coffee Roasters • ฤไท – Rue Thai Arabica Coffee Roasted • Entheos • MontBlanc patisserie “เค้กฝรั่งเศส สไตล์ญี่ปุ่น” • Wongnai & FoodStory POS Wongnai for Business • Hug i Tim • Not Too Sweet Bakery Cafe Chiangmai • DeeYu • หวานขนม ขมกาแฟ • หนัวหนิ๊ก Hi-end and many more shops…. You will experience the aroma and taste of the coffee. Including bakery and food that will be part of this event. At the event, we also enjoyed craft products and workshop activities to please those who are passionate about drip coffee with “Drip it yourself, Roast it yourself” throughout 5 days by ZEIT ROASTERS specialty coffee shop. At this event, I want to invite coffee lovers to update on new trends. That might answer the question you’re looking for. Or it may help create inspiration or it may be an opportunity to step into the coffee business for Cafe Hopper, business people, or those interested in opening a coffee business. Let me tell you that this work Can’t miss it!!! Ancient house project information • Ancient Chiang Mai house along the Ping River, Charoen Prathet Road. A small cultural shopping center (CULTURAL ANTIQUE MALL) that is unique. Charoen Prathet Road Project Behind the project is a green lawn along the Ping River. Can organize activities along the Ping River in a chic and chill atmosphere, whether it’s a wedding, party, or product or business launch. • Currently, within the project there are shops and restaurants, including Akchan Restaurant – Ekachan Ethnic Thai Cuisine, Ancient beef Thai Cuisine Shop – Beef Leg Rice, ZEIT ROASTERS Coffee Shop, ROC Shop (Royal Orchid Collection), House of Paella Thailand Restaurant, EGYPTIAN KING Shop, Long Yuk Shop, Mos Hom Doi Shop, Keeps Shop located behind the lawn with a chill atmosphere.

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