CMU Spanish Day

March 18

On March 18, the Spanish Department at Chiang Mai University hosted the second annual CMU Spanish Day, organized by the university´s full time Spanish teacher, Ernesto Dolz-Barberà. The event, sponsored by CMU and the company ‘’, featured classic Spanish guitar performance by local artists Sittisak (Pom) and Panitan (Film) as well as a delicious spread of tasty Spanish snacks such as ‘pintxos’, salads and ‘tortilla de patata’ cooked by the students with help from part-time teacher Aurora Velasco-López, and some Spanish expats living in Chiang Mai who volunteered. It closed with the screening of Spanish film “6 puntos sobre Emma” (6 points about Emma), a convincing and unassuming drama on the determined struggle of a blind woman becoming a mother. The atmosphere was relaxed and, with the sounds of classic Spanish guitar wafting across the grass, visitors, students, teachers and expats sat and shared knowledge, language and experiences. The Spanish Department is intending to expand to offer full Spanish minor and major courses in the near future.As Dolz-Barberà said when speaking to the crowds,”Learning a language is not complete if students do not understand culture. That is the main reason for us, the Spanish Department, to celebrate today a series of cultural activities that aim to foster communication between CMU students in a Spanish atmosphere.”

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