Citylife Visits Potbelly B at Jing Jai Market

December 1

Citylife team visited the recently opened Potbelly B at Jing Jai Market. Open every day 10am until 10pm.
Examples from the menu: Australian wagyu beef patty, sour cream, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion 195 THB crispy burger 210 THB // Tucson pork burger, pork patty, grilled bacon, scrambled egg, cod lettuce, pickled cucumber, cheddar cheese 169 THB crispy burger 185 THB // Crispy chicken patty top with sweet pineapple, cheddar cheese, sour cream 159 THB crispy burger 175 THB // Baked spinach with ham and cheese in croissant 129 THB // German pork hocks 359 THB // Pork chop 259 THB // Potbelly chicken royal 149 THB // Potbelly flossy hot dog 149 THB // Premium pork tenderloin, stir fried in Korean hot pan with pickled mix veggies and kimchi; Dwae Ji Koki 199 THB, crispy 215 THB //Kurabuta pork in rice pork patty, top with flossy pork and stir fried pepper mushroom, cheddar cheese, pickled cucumber, sour cream; after rainy 169 THB, crispy burger 185 THB and much more besides on the menu….
Available for delivery within 5km; 6OTHB / also available on Grab and soon Meals on Wheels.
For further information call 093-763-4691 [email protected]

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