Citylife Team Reviews Chiang Mai Rice Life Coffee Shop

January 27

Citylife team were invited to review the Chiang Mai Rice Life Coffee Shop, just off the inner ring road at San Kam Phaeng. The coffee shop, overlooking rice fields, is open every day from 9am until 6pm. Examples from the menu: American Breakfast 150 THB / Egg Benedict 170THB / Spaghetti Bolognese 160 THB / Spicy Stir Fried spaghetti with Clams 170 THB / Pork Gyoza (S) 85 THB (L) 140 THB / Tonkatsu with brown rice 150 THB / Ebi Tempura with organic brown rice 160 THB / Red Velvet Cake 95 THB / Fudgy Brownie Set 129THB / Rare Cheesecake 95 THB – more besides plus a wide range of coffees. Japanese Matcha and juices. for reservations or further info 091-554-4152 or check out their face book page

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