Citylife Reviews Kodung Kanom

May 24

Citylife team were invited to review Kodung Kanom (sweet warehouse ) on Kamphaeng Din Alley.
Kodung Kanom has a factory and shop in Lamphun for the last seven years and now a new outlet in Chiang Mai.
Examples from the menu:
Lava Croissant 35 THB / 4 pcs 120 THB
Dragon Dessert 45 THB / 4 pcs 120 THB
Shredded Pork Bun 45THB
Macaroon (6 pcs) 220 THB
Chiffon Lava Cake (4 pcs) 120 THB
Spinach and Cheese Bun 55 THB
much more besides
Open 10am until 7pm Monday – Friday / weekend 10am until 9pm
For further details call 094-466-6989

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