Chinese Educational Seminar at Payap University

December 6

A seminar was held at Sirindhorn Learning Resource Center Payap University to discuss “Educating Chinese parents who send their children to study in international schools and universities in Thailand”. The purpose of the seminar was to enhance communication and understanding between the international school and its parents. Chao Phakinai Na Chiang Mai, the president of the Chao Duangduean Na Chiang Mai Foundation, and Asst. Akarawit course Chair of the Master of Education Program Education Administration graduate school Payap University co-chaired the opening ceremony. Among the mass media and Chinese parents who attended this event In the event, speakers were invited to give knowledge and understanding. Guidelines for sending children to study at a higher level and educational planning for children at the age between 3 years – 18 years to study both domestically and internationally with hundreds of Chinese rulers that their children are studying in international schools and private schools in Chiang Mai are ready to join the trip Come and join this seminar. Currently, there are more than 1700 Chinese students studying at various international schools in Chiang Mai, an increase of about 5 percent from 2019, causing the number of Chinese students studying abroad to increase. As a result, international education in Chiang Mai continues to increase. At present, parents who send their children to study in Chiang Mai There are concerns in several issues as follows: 1. A large number of parents. I don’t understand the education system in Thailand. 2. When Chinese parents come to Chiang Mai for the first time. It can be difficult for your child to adapt to an all-English-speaking education classroom. due to their limited English proficiency 3. Many parents have limited English proficiency. affecting the communication between parents and the school resulting in misunderstanding of communication I As a result, the criteria for assessing international schools and international education in Chiang Mai did not meet the expectations of Chinese parents. Jenson Zhang, one of the initiators of the conference. The most popular Chinese online expert in studying abroad in Chiang Mai. has been sharing information about studying abroad in Chiang Mai on Chinese social media platforms such as Big Tok and WeChat for the past two years. He broadcast live online to potential parents sending their children to study in Chiang Mai. to answer questions about your study experience in Chiang Mai To understand according to the issues that many people are curious about Organizing this seminar It also receives cooperation from various organizations to support non-profit seminars. to inform and advise many Chinese parents to understand about education in international schools and recognize the level of education in Chiang Mai including insights continue in Chiang Mai as well

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