Chiang Mai Street Jazz Festival 2021

December 4

First night of Chiang Mai Street Jazz Festival 2021, under the concept of ‘Music in the Metaverse’, as part of Chiang Mai Design Week 2021. The first night included bands at Mellowship Jazz Club, Thapae East and North Gate Arkive. Upcoming nights include December 10 Street Jazz Music Festival Time Table: at North Gate; 7.30pm – 8.15pm The Interplayers, 8.30pm until 9.15pm Super Handsome Trio, 9.30pm until 10.30pm Duang Trio // at The Mellowship: 7.30pm – 8.30pm The Jett, 9pm – 10pm Thai Band buy your tickets at December 11 The Finale of Street Jazz Music Festival at Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre Time Table: 5pm – 5.50pm The Interplayers, 6pm – 6.50pm Moments Notice Jazz Band, 7pm – 7.50pm The Jett, 8pm – 8.50pm Thai Band, 9pm – 9.50pm HED, 10pm Chiangmai Blues. To buy your tickets at For further details check out

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