Chiang Mai Gay Pride 2024 Press Conference

May 17

A press conference was held at Pantip Plaza to announce details of the Chiang Mai Gay Pride 2024:
May 26 Chiang Mai Gay Pride 2024 – 17:00 – Assembly at Chiang Mai Religion Practice Center the opposite side of the Governor’s residence / 18:00 – Parade starts from Night Bazaar Road to Tha Phae Gate. / 19:00 – 24:00 – Various activities will begin, such as cabaret shows, wedding ceremonies, historical exhibitions, sex worker activities, temple events (Pa Pao, Yoong Huang, and Railway), along with movie screenings throughout the night, and many other entertainment activities.
PRESS RELEASE: Chiang Mai Pride joins hands with Asset World Corporation (AWC) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand to organize “Chiang Mai Colorful Pride Month 2024” to promote gender equality. and connect tourism Towards the main milestone of Pride Month for both Thai and international tourists. Chiang Mai celebrates with Pride Month around the world the inclusion of diverse LGBTQ+ people. and work together to help promote gender equality to be accepted in today’s society Also to stimulate tourism for Thais and foreigners. At the international level, even more people will come to use the services within the province and it will also lead to being the main milestone of the Pride Month event in the coming years. In this event, there will be an opening ceremony of “Chiang Mai Colorful Pride Month” 2024″ on May 26, 2024. At the same time, there are also activities to create color for the city of Chiang Mai that will come back to its fullest vibrancy throughout the month of June 2024 as well. For the event “Chiang Mai Colorful Pride Month 2024” that will be held from May 26, 2024 and throughout June 2024, many colorful activities have been prepared, such as the Chiang Mai Pride parade, concerts, and the creation of important tourist attractions. of Chiang Mai, such as Chu Lek, Tha Phae Gate and Rinkham Intersection. Filled with colorful Pride, Random Dance at Tha Phae Gate, holding a Colorful Contest to win prize money worth more than 15,000 baht and trophies. Yesterday afternoon (17 May 2024) at Pantip Shopping Center, Chiang Mai, a press conference was held for the “Chiang Mai Colorful Pride Month 2024” event, with the honor of Mr. Weeraphong Ritrod, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province, Mr. Keng Chaiwarin, Deputy Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai Office, Mr. Pawarit Kanchanaket, Deputy Mayor of Chiang Mai, Mr. Sirisak Chaiyathet, Chairman of the Chiang Mai Pride 2024 Working Group, and Mr. Pisan Suwanthada, General Manager the pantip lifestyle hub Chiangmai, and representatives from Asset World Corporation (AWC) participated. Press conference this time By Mr. Weeraphong Ritrod, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province, said: “Chiang Mai Province City of life and wealth that is full of charm that makes you fall in love Chiang Mai Province It has beautiful nature, art, and diverse cultures. There are beautiful traditions that reflect the way of life in Chiang Mai. Many people come to visit each year. Today’s tourism has become more open to meet the needs of people of all genders, all ages, all generations based on equality. During the month of June every year at the international level Let’s make this gender diversity month: LGBTO+ Pride Month for Chiang Mai Province which is a province with a variety of people Unique tourist attractions and culture Therefore, it is a travel destination for tourists around the world. which Chiang Mai is ready to embrace
Accepting everyone from all over the world who are diverse. With warmth and kindness With a smile that believes that everyone who travels to Chiang Mai You will be happy in many ways. Another charm of Chiang Mai That is, each period of the trip will be different during the rainy season. The weather in Chiang Mai has returned to brighter. Ready to allow tourists to experience beautiful nature. No matter where you look, they are comfortable and at ease, without smog, full of mountains and trees during the period called “Green Season”. Finally, I would like to emphasize that Chiang Mai is a city of life and wealth. Filled with a variety of colors and happiness. and ready to welcome a variety of people as well.” Mr. Keng Chaiwarin, Deputy Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai office said “For this year’s Chiang Mai Colorful Pride Month 2024 activities, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has joined Integrating with both government and private sector partners, such as Chiang Mai Municipality, Chiang Mai Pride Group and Asset World Corporation (AWC), to create color for the event from May 26, 2024 until the whole month of June. 2024 by adding color to many activities within the event, such as adding the Pride Parade to make it more grand. and inviting famous artists to perform On the activity stage, organizing Installation Arts to create a Landmark, a check-in photo spot for tourists, such as at Tha Phae Gate. Khua Lek Bridge and Rinkham Intersection, art exhibition activities, photography competitions, and Random Dance activities open a space for people who have a passion for dancing to express themselves. In addition to the above activities, TAT also cooperates with tourism business operators and various partners in Chiang Mai such as airlines, golf, spas, restaurants, accommodations/hotels, rental cars and public transportation. Create a special discount campaign To stimulate spending for tourists traveling to Chiang Mai province. To join in celebrating Pride month throughout June 2024, which is expected to result in economic value. Tourism throughout the month of June is more than 7,500 million baht and there are 790,000 tourist trips/times, and TAT will push the Chiang Mai Pride Festival to be the main event of June in the 12-month, 12-festival tourism calendar of Chiang Mai Province. and has been organized continuously every year In order to continue to be the main destination for tourists, Top LGBTO+Friendly Destination. You can follow various promotions during Pride month at the FB page Chiangmai Colorful Pride Month 2024 FB PAGE TAT Chiang Mai Office. and other partner pages” On the side, Mr. Pawarit Kanchanaket, Deputy Mayor of Chiang Mai City On behalf of the Mayor of Chiang Mai, he said, “For this year, Chiang Mai Municipality has joined with various agencies.

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