Chiang Mai Food & Bistro

October 6

A press conference was held at Good View Village to announce the new Chiang Mai Food & Bistro Club (CMFB).
The club involves 27 restaurants and bar and the president is Tanit Choomsanlt; owner of The Good View.
Apart from Good View there is Warm Up Cafe, White House, Lism Cafe, Oh Cafe, Myst Maya Chiang Mai, Buckets Siamese Bar, At Nine, Beer Terminal, Tong Cafe, Oxide Pub, Viset 168, Tawandang Mahason, Dbar, Horn de bar, Infinity, Neighbourhood, BOB Garage, Vision, Sansen Villa, BlarBlarBlar, Tha Chang, Maldives, Zoe in Yellow Bar, Oxide Pub and Good View Village.
One of their virst activities is CMFB Enjoys Golf at Gassan Legacy starting on 8 October 2015

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