Chiang Mai Art Connecting 2 at La Luna Gallery

November 29

Opening of Chiang Mai Art Connecting 2 at La Luna Gallery, sponsored by Bluechips Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing Services.
Sabine, owner of La Luna Gallery explained to guests “Welcome to the 2nd Chiang Mai Art Connecting! We’re really happy to have you as our special guest and appreciate you taking the time to be part of this fantastic event. We want you to feel inspired and make connections with other artists. Let me tell you a bit about how Chiang Mai Art Connecting started: Thomas and I have been friends with Tuan for more than 20 years and later also with Hoa, and their kids, Best and BeBe. In December 2019, we had two special celebrations: the opening of our staff canteen in Bluechips Microhouse and the opening of La Luna Gallery. This led to the first Chiang Mai Art Connecting, inspired by the Hanoi Art Connecting event. We love art and want to contribute to the growth of artists. Chiang Mai Art Connecting2 is now focused on taking our museum, ‘Art Connecting,’ to the next level. This time, we want to emphasize another important aspect of the museum’s work – engaging with the community. The first event laid the foundation – Collection. We have lots of exciting activities planned, like outings, museum visits, seminars, and celebrations. Our main theme, ‘How the world changed after the pandemic,’ aims to start discussions on its impact, sustainability, and the role of art. At the same time, we want to encourage creativity and global connections. We’re looking forward to sharing these features with you and making sure you have a memorable time with us. Your safety is important to us, and we want you to feel secure during your stay. Myself and the staff are here to assist you throughout the workshop. Let me introduce you to our facilities and workspace: A. Art Connecting Museum: On levels one and two, we have workspace for painting and printmaking artists. B. River Deli: We have workspace for lacquer artists. C. Rodsakorn Coffee House: This is the place for sculpture artists to work. D. Lunch: We’ll be serving lunch at the River Deli courtyard. If you need any extra help or information during the workshop, please feel free to reach out to our staff. We hope you have a memorable and productive stay with us!”.

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