Chef’s Table at The Vorra Bistro

September 19

Chef’s Table at The Vorra Bistro, The Chiang Mai Old Town Hotel. Iron Chef Toey Saharat created a special four course menu: first course: Atlantic Carpaccio (cold smoked king fish, salmon, tuna with black garlic, seaweed, butter milk foam, rosemary oil), second course: Royale Foie Gras (steamed foie gras with egg saffron served with foie gras slices, pickled mushroom, port wine), main course: a choice of Sous Vide Duck Breast (cauliflower saffron puree, honey balsamic glaze, onion confit) OR Pan Sear Sea Bass (pumpkin puree, chorizo oil, butter milk foam, bayancout sauce, tomato pickle) Dessert: Armenovil (Italian meringue, sabayon cream, caramel almond, affucato chocolate sauce.

Chef Toey is planning to do a ‘Chef’s Table’ twice a month beginning October – subject to the Covid19 restrictions. Price in the range 1200 – 1500 THB. To check out the next Chef’s Table check out

The Vorra Bistro, The Chiang Mai Old Town Hotel is open every day from 10am until 10pm. For reservations or further info call 053278780

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