CASSIC Press Conference

March 15

IMCAN2021 About us 1st International Medical Cannabis Conference At Cannabis City Hall Arokaya De’ Saraphi Saraphi District Chiang Mai “Cannabis Hemp CBD Kratom, Cash Crop for Export” Setting 1st international medical cannabis conference at Chiang Mai Family Day Thai Cannabis in cooperation with National Cannabis Association aimed to have medical holistic knowledge-Traditional Medicine, Folk Medicine, and Alternative Medicine from Thailand, neighboring countries, and worldwide- exchange in knowledge including the real cases. The objective of this academic seminar is to act as the platform in developing academic works in the field of Traditional Medicine, Folk Medicine, and Alternative Medicine to achieve a standard with consistency as well as to drive the networks to become various at both local and national levels so as to exchange knowledge and experience in developing academic researches. It will be held from 16-18 April 2021 at Global Medical Cannabis Academy, Arokaya De’ Saraphi, Saraphi District Chiang Mai with academic topics discussed at Cannabis City Hall and 3 Symposium Sections both On Site and Online. The online conference will be broadcasted via satellite system Galaxy 19, covering America, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, as well as via websites, applications, Facebook, YouTube, magazine, and Oscar Hollywood team, including the network of seminar attendants from more than 20 countries and 100 organizations. Accordingly, in order to catch up with the modern world, this academic seminar will prepare discussion topics, discourse, important issues, and the matters of law both domestically and internationally. It also includes the most recent international transportation laws updated from the real experience and the real situations, together with the topic “Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Kratom”, which is currently of public interest in Thailand, neighboring countries, and worldwide. It also acts as the state of knowledge contributing to a group of community enterprises and herb industry market, such as “The Model of Cannabis and Hemp Businesses” to focus on cultivation for overseas marketing that need diversity and differentiation. The main stages in this academic conference are as follows: 1. Cannabis City Hall 2. Outdoor stage of activity 3. Cannabis Fair Council Stage for people In each stage, there will be academic communication with public sector, personnel, and villagers, and also real patients so as to exchange knowledge of use, and the guidelines for pushing forward draft legislation as to addictive plants beneficial to the medical. They also embrace laws from public sectors, exhibition of the state of knowledge about herbs, volunteer exhibitions over 1,000 cases participated by public sector, and monk clinic project that provides nutritional advices to the givers and the receivers of physical health examination as Traditional Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and Integrative Medicine. It also includes the lecture on the topic of water bank, the genesis of life, sustainable innovation, campaigning for PM2.5 breath, drawing competition activities, and social activities together with concerts by singers/artists with full bands and many creative activities. It aims at true understanding of the pros and cons of cannabis to pave the way for medical use and application safely and correctly, which is the utmost priority before unlocking cannabis for use nationwide in the future. The organizers of this academic seminar hope to pass down the state of knowledge from every aspect to make contribution to people, medical personnel, researchers, entrepreneurs, and those responsible for performing works involved so that together with the community enterprise and people so that they can truly understand “cannabis, hemp, and CBD Kratom, as genius agriculture heading to global arena and community enterprise to cash crops for export” Moreover, the topics of this academic seminar are additionally contacted by many organizations. They will be summarized by the conference-organizing committee on 14 March 2021 before proceeding in event organization further. According to the experience in setting world cannabis festival 3 years ago, there were around 400,000 participants in that event. However, due to the current situation with the spread of COVID-19, many countries are unable to establish the festival in the target areas. Instead, they have to organize the festivals via online channels. Therefore, this festival gains overwhelming interests from people worldwide so that the clips of exhibition will be publicized within the countries together with any organizations that prepare to organize the festival 420 on the Cannabis Day worldwide. This exhibition gains overwhelming interests from the travelers who intend to travel to the given area where over 1,000,000 Webinars are responsible for broadcasting activities for 3 consecutive days at Arokaya De’ Saraphi Saraphi District Chiang Mai on the areas 52 rai with the honor of M.R. Jirakom Kitiyakorn as the chairman of this event. Activities during the period of festival have details as follows: 1. International Medical Cannabis Conference 2. Research activities presenting the academic articles of graduate and doctoral students 3. Academic activity: Presentation of case studies about medical cannabis 4. Pioneer Thai Cannabis Exhibition, background, struggles for the patients, and Watchomtong Project for cancer patients by uncle doctor Tu, Mr. Bantoon Niyapama. 5. Worldwide online training via social media channels and satellite station from North and South America and many countries all over the world. 6. Exhibition of knowledge from Traditional Medicine and Folk Medicine going international, health check services, traditional medical certificate, volunteer works, and monk clinic project, for 12 years up till now. 7. Concert exhibitions by artists nationwide including local artists, exhibition booth, restaurants, and also a variety of products and devices. 8. National Cannabis association seminar for exchanging opinions from over hundreds of groups and Family Day of Thai Cannabis for 3 consecutive days 9. Celebration by taking pictures with the trophy of outstanding cannabis species from HIGH TIME in 2018 and 2021 from Lanchang Farm, Oregon State, U.S.A. 10. Many activities being in coordination that will be informed via Facebook Fan Page IMCAN Chiang Mai 2021, Facebook Fan Page Veng Mae Mod and Facebook: Morgamhom Nalanchang . Moreover, total incomes deducted by all expenses of the exhibition will be used for buying respirators being donated to disadvantaged hospitals nationwide. Should you have any questions or want to inquire further details Please contact Coordination Division at Arokaya De’ Saraphi, Chiang Mai seven days a week CellPhone: 090-6717772 094-6157555 094-8342666 088-2528555 063-7895888 094-7070888 Email: [email protected], Line@ : @imcan

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