British Coronation Party Debriefing

June 3

Ben Svasti Thomson MBE, British Honorary Consul for Chiang Mai hosted a Debriefing and Thank You party at the Consul’s Garden for all the volunteers from the local and international community who had helped to make the British Coronation Party held on May 6th 2023 such an all-round success.
Close to 3,000 guests attended the fun event on the shaded lawn and riverbank of the beautiful Consul’s Garden. The key goal, along with holding a garden celebration party for the Chiang Mai community, was to raise funds for children’s charities. In this regard the event was very successful in raising charity funds of close to 300,000 Baht, which will be equally divided between the Foundation of Child Understanding (FOCUS) to assist child victims of abuse and human trafficking in Northern Thailand and the Thai Myanmar Friendship Group (TMFG) to provide humanitarian aid to displaced children suffering from the ongoing strife inside Burma. Ben also heartily thanked all the international schools, restaurants, hotel, airlines, kayak and other businesses for their kind sponsorship and raffle prizes and last but not least the dancers, musicians, singers, vintage car owners and motorcycle rider clubs who all gave their time and energy to make the event such a great success.

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