Book Launch of ‘Portraits of Myanmar’

November 28

Book Launch of ‘Portraits of Myanmar’  at the House Lounge – Joanna Maclean’s newest publication Portraits of Myanmar A Celebration of Work, Play and Prayer In Portraits of Myanmar the photographs put the full focus on the people of this Golden Land, offering a glimpse of what their daily life is like: families sharing everyday tasks of working on the land, or at a trade or managing household chores; school students studying and playing sport; communities celebrating special days of the religious calendar, groups of friends relaxing, involved in games or sharing a meal. Although there are some landscapes included in this full-colour photo book, the intimate portraits show the details of what people are doing, capturing the expression and character of individual faces; the enchanting face of a young girl, her face painted with thanakha to enhance her charm, the cheeky expression of a young boy, the tender smile of a mother or father as they play with their children, the wisdom etched into the wrinkles of an elderly person musing on the antics of family members.

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