Berlin’s In Chiang Mai at Renegade Bar

January 27

Local media were invited to the opening night of Berlin’s Doner/Kebab Coming to Chiang Mai! Exclusive collaboration with Renegade Craft Beer and Restaurant. FOR FOUR DAYS ONLY!!!. From 27 – 30 January 2022 from 12 noon until 10pm. Examples of the menu: Donor Kebab “The Original” Chicken 150 THB (S) 240 THB (L) 290 THB (set with fries and coke)… Beef & Lamb 190 THB (S) 280 THB (L) 330 THB (set)… (V) Falafel 170 THB (S) 280 THB (L) 310 THB (set) //// Doner Wrap also available with Chicken, Beef & Lamb or Falafel /// Curry Wurst The Original 170 THB Renegade located on the inside of the moat next to Thapae Gate. Delivery with TUK only For further info or call 095-009-5010

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