BEAM Education Foundation Open House

July 7

The BEAM Education Foundation was founded in December 2009. BEAM (Bridging Educational Access to Migrants) was created to assist with the unmet needs of Burmese migrant students seeking higher level College preparation courses and advanced vocational skills training. Most students must also work difficult full-time jobs for their livelihood. Before BEAM started two years ago, migrant worker programs consisted of informal schools geared towards short term basic level courses. BEAM Goals and Objectives are Provide higher educational access to Burmese migrants. Provide advanced vocational education to Burmese migrants. Improve economic opportunities for migrant workers through capacity building. Support social mobilization of migrant workers through educational access. Through cultural exchanges and programs, broaden student horizons and promote understanding of, and interaction between, the diverse individuals and communities of the Mekong region. Help Burmese migrants prepare for the time when they can assume leadership roles inside Burma. For more details check out

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