Arts & Nature Circle Music Series #4 Opening

November 3

The Arts & Nature Circle, together with Terra, is delighted to welcome you all to Season IV of the Arts & Nature Circle Music Series.
This year, we kick off the Season with our 51st concert at what is now our home stage, the Arts & Nature Hall – an integral part of the magical world of Terra. We are proud to announce that Arts & Nature Circle is now an independent entity with producers, artists and musicians directly holding stakes in the organization. Under my executive production and creative direction, I am now well supported by the resident Arts & Nature Ensemble led by two lead instrumental masters: Kant Lormsomboon (Piano) and Wishwin “Winry” Sureeratanakorn (Cello). For this inaugural concert of the Season, we are joined by our favourites Kittinant Chinsamran (Baritone), Organ Prawang Carlson (Soprano), Kittin Suchato (Tenor) and Chalat Limpisiri (Violin), as well as Pitchaya Klimov (Soprano) who will take centre stage shortly. In addition, we have also invited three Chiang Mai-based string instrumentalists to join our stage as guest musicians.
The novel independence of the Arts and Nature Circle allows it to reflect its musical purpose, yet it will continue to work closely with Terra to honour the joint vision of combining distinctive musical talent with unique hospitality offerings. It was important to us to allow the musicians and the entire A&C team to attain a greater level of freedom and independence, to better reflect its purpose of growing the project into one of the country‘s flagships of musical excellence. Today’s program will feature a healthy mix of classic A&C content, including the genres of Opera, musical, and classical music, with titles jointly chosen by musicians and producers. We express our heartfelt appreciation to the hospitality team of Terra, the CMV light and sound team, partners, colleagues, and all staff involved who continue to be a critical part of us from the first day we began this journey four years ago. And lastly, the most wonderful audience; the community and friends in Chiang Mai and beyond, your support means everything to us.
Aarya Surindhara Executive Producer Arts & Nature Circle Partnership Ltd 3rd November 2023 Chiang Mai.

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